Benefits (cooperation / work with NetUP)

  • More than 15 years on the market, more than 4,000 implementations in 30 countries.
  • Training and technical support at all stages of the project life
  • The solving of logistical problems, reservation, and prompt delivery of equipment worldwide.
  • Project protection.
  • The possibility of using NetUP products under your brand.
  • The possibility of joint marketing activities.


Technology Partners

IntelThe world's leading semiconductor industry. The largest manufacturer of microprocessors, graphics cards and related technologies.
Cisco: networking equipmentA developer and manufacturer of networking equipment and technologies.
GoogleMultinational company, a developer of the Android operating system and Widevine content protection system.
DVB logoAn international consortium that developed the DVB family of standards for digital television.
MICROS SystemsA leading developer of hotel management systems. Now the part of the of Oracle Inc.
Russian developer of hotel management systems.
Russian developer of hotel management systems.