• Complete IPTV headend One manufacturer

    IPTV middleware, billing, DVB to IP
    gateways, VoD, TVoD servers, etc.

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  • Smart billing system for telcos and ISPs

    IPv6, NetFlow v9, EAP-TTLS,
    CoA, PoD, x64 support

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  • Deploy hotel IPTV with one headend device

    Interactive TV, Video on Demand, interface
    to hotel software all in one box

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  • Interactive TV all over the world

    Android IP STB, transcoders,
    streamers, VoD, TVoD, etc.

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  • Hardware parts for IPTV equipment

    PCI-e cards DVB-S / DVB-S2 /
    DVB-T / DVB-C, H.264 transcoder

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